• I literally am shook @twinedivy — for starters this is NOT a sponsored post, I saw another mama w/ mixed babes talk about these products and the way they worked for her children I knew I had to try them myself. I am SO EXCITED.... y’all know Lina, she doesn’t let you touch her head... she gets matted knots will go days on end with it in the same pony tail because the fight to spend hours doing her hair isn’t worth it to us. This has changed our lives. Detangler sent from heaven itself I swear 😍😍 smells so good, leaves their hair moisturized and no crying or fighting 🙏🏼😭 thank you @twinedivy 10 out of 10!!!
  • S. Michelle
    I color my hair with the seasons... light to dark, dark back to light... repeat. I LOVE these products because they keep my hair moisturized which has always been one of my biggest battles with coloring. The Shampoo is amazing & doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry like most shampoos & the oil is a must when I wear my hair curly & helps keep my hair from breaking & ends from splitting. Thank you Twined Ivy!
  • I absolutely love these products! The refresher spray is worth every penny and is exactly what I’ve been looking for but have never been able to find, until now! It’s become a part of our everyday morning routine, I’ve already stocked up for the start of school!
  • T. Howard
    I've tried several different products and have never had such good results with bringing out their natural curl without the frizz. I will definitely be sticking with twined ivy for the kiddos hair.
  • S. Snyder
    Being mixed, hair products aren’t made for my/our hair! It’s usually too much or not enough. Not to mention they leave your hair greasy. I right now use 4 different products in my hair to maintain it. So i was a little skeptical to buy this. I used it for the first time and it is AMAZING! It doesn’t leave your hair greasy and my hair feels really light weight. Using 4 different products in my hair leaves my hair feeling heavy and weighed down, this product doesn’t do that. I’m beyond excited about the fact that I only need to use ONE product in my hair to maintain it! I am very impressed with this. The only problem I foresee is that I’m going to need bigger bottles I have a lot of hair 😅 Great Job Girls!!
  • So excited to be starting these products on my boys hair! I love how beautiful my sons hair was after our first use! I’ve never been able to comb through his hair so quickly! Can’t wait to use all the products!
  • Shout out to Twined Ivy! Ashlynn does not have mixed hair, she has crazy hair! We are constantly trying to find a product to tame this mane and is also healthy for her hair. I love that this detangler is free from harsh chemicals and smells amazing! It doesnt leave a greasy film on her hair or weigh it down!
    Awesome job chick! Thanks so much for letting us try! There is definitely a need for your products and I cant wait to try more! I honestly believe this blend is great for crazy curls of all types! You rock! 😍😍😍 Check out Twined Ivy everyone!!! #twinedivy
  • If you are at all like me you are constantly trying new products to try to find that one product/brand that will work on your kids curly hair! Coming from a mom who has naturally straight hair let me tell you, it’s been a process. I’m so thankful that we have finally found it! 🙌🏽 I just went through our “products closet” and literally threw everything away! This is the real deal people! I’m in love and so are my girls! I can’t wait to see how this transforms and nourishes their curls over time. To make it even better, the creators & owners are business women who are truly invested in their products. Way to go ladies!!!!
  • Happy Girl! Pretty curls! 😍 We have to thank these products for Milani’s beautiful healthy curls! @twinedivy I’ve only been using these products on Milani’s hair for almost a week now and omg it’s amazing!! My most favorite is the detangling refresher spray! When I spray that on Milani’s hair, her curls are instantly revived! It’s been hard for me to find products that keeps her curls looking nice the whole day! But I think we have finally found them! After using the shampoo and conditioner I noticed a difference in her hair right away! And the anytime oil is a great bonus cause I love to keep oils in her hair especially on frizzy days! All these products smell amazing! And that’s a big thing for me!
  • I have A LOT of hair to do. With six girls sometimes it can feel like most of our morning is spent doing hair. And with three tender headed children it can get stressful. My normal routine is a spray bottle of water and a wet brush. But this left their hair dried out and frizzed by the end of the day. But not any more. Thank goodness we found Twined Ivy. The detangler is amazing. None of my kids cried this morning. They all have different textures and it worked perfect on each one. I didn't know what to expect, as most products disappoint me, but this...this is different. And we went to the park today for six hours and their hair still looks amazing at the end of the day. I am personally blown away. And the product will last you a while because you won't need a ton on their hair. It is also very reasonably priced. I will definitely be buying this every single month.