Peppermint Oil

The biggest benefit of Peppermint Oil, and of course why we love it, is simply because it promotes hair growth. It is believed to stimulate the scalp for new growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

Coconut Oil

This is a hot commodity in today's hair world because of the overflowing benefits Coconut Oil has. For our mixed kids, the fact that it tames frizz, adds moisture, and repairs damage is compelling enough! Some additional benefits that go hand in hand with those points, are that it helps dry scalp/hair, promotes elasticity, and prevents breakage. Coconut Oil naturally contains vitamin E, protein, and fatty acids, which are all advantages for this hair type.

Almond Oil

Mixed Kids with curls so desperately want frizz free perfect curls, who wouldn't? Almond Oil helps to tame that frizz and smooth the hair. It also prevents breakage and adds moisture, which as you read, seems to be a common theme among these select ingredients. Almond Oil naturally contains Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fatty acids, and Protein.

Apricot Seed Oil

This is one oil that you don't seem to hear to much about! So much of the problem in our kids with mixed hair is that it drys out so easy and constantly needs moisture. We love Apricot Seed Oil because it seems to be unique in the way that it actually keeps the moisture in the hair and scalp. Increasing hydration and reducing dryness seem to go hand in hand .Other benefits include keeping the hair soft, more pliable, and giving it a gorgeous shine without appearing greasy. This oil is high in oleic and linoleum fatty acids, which is the muscle behind a lot of these benefits. Apricot Seed Oil naturally contains Vitamin A & E.

Avocado Oil

This oil is becoming more and more common for individuals wanting to add length because it strengthens hair, prevents breakage, stimulates circulation, and promotes hair growth. Wow! It also adds moisture to the scalp and hair. Take a look at what Avocado oil naturally contains, the list is quite long: Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, & E, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, and the highest protein from all fruits!

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is known for a lot of benefits in regards to thickening the hair and stimulating growth. By lubricating the hair follicles, Castor Oil helps stop the hair loss, controls breakage, and mends split ends. An additional benefit is that it adds shine to the hair giving a fresh, clean appearance.