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Help Tame these CURLS!

As a mixed kid I heard my mom ask this question a million of times! For some people, it is trial an error or simply asking this question to anyone willing to help. For others, it is surfing the internet, reading blogs, or watching the latest youtube videos on how to tame this curly head of hair. We compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions in regards to MIXED KIDS HAIR, and offered up our own personal advice. CLICK HERE to see FAQ ANSWERED!
Help us Grow! We started a line that is as simplistic as possible for mom's with MIXED KIDS. Eventually we will be adding products to the line and expanding our offerings based on what we feel is needed in this ever growing market. Help us do this! Let us know what you would love to see added to our Twined Ivy product line, and why! SIMPLY CLICK HERE to send a message and share your ideas with us!